Hooksett man's parody 'we got hose' music video goes viral


Hooksett man's parody 'we got hose' music video goes viral

By: Jennifer Currier


NEW GLOUCESTER, Maine — What started out as a joke among co-workers at a volunteer fire department is now going viral, thanks to a creative New Hampshire man.

The New Gloucester Fire Rescue posted an original music video to its Facebook page last Friday. It's a parody of the song "Area Codes" by Ludacris and Nate Dogg.

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"I was working out with one of my captains and we were trying to find some common ground for music, and he brought this song up and I thought it was funny," said Connor Boucher, who wrote the song, starred in the music video and edited the whole thing together. "We decided that night, as a joke, I'd make a song."

Boucher is a volunteer firefighter/EMT in New Gloucester, Maine but he grew up in Hooksett, New Hampshire and first became interested while taking a course in fire science at the Concord Regional Technical Center.

Earlier this spring, he changed the lyrics of the song, singing about how "they've got hose in different area codes."

The video features firefighters rolling and organizing fire hoses while Boucher highlights members of the department, rapping about procedure and fire prevention.

"The department loved it, decided to throw some fire prevention and recruitment stuff in it," he said. "[We] posted it on Facebook and then, next thing you know, it kind of blew up."

As of Tuesday afternoon, the video was shared more than 5,500 times and had 361,000 views.

"We've gotten a lot of positive response from it, which is great and I'm really grateful for it," Boucher said.

He explained the purpose of the video was to use it as a recruitment tool because volunteer fire departments across the country, including his own, are "dwindling" in size.

"Our big thing is recruitment. Most of our country is made up of volunteer fire departments," he said, adding the video could already be helping the effort. "We've already gotten some interest from some people in our community, but it's hard to get the message out."

Boucher joined the department two years ago upon his graduation from Pembroke Academy. He then enrolled in a program at Southern Maine Community College that allows him to live and work at the department while he works toward his associate degree in fire science.

His plan is to stay in New Gloucester for two more years to complete a paramedical program through the school.

For now, Boucher said he hopes to get more people in his communities and beyond more involved.

"I can't stress enough the importance of people going out in their communities," he said. "Any person can join, and there's a role for everybody in the volunteer fire department."



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