WOW! "Karen" Loses it On Woman Walking her Pig




Watching this video just makes me want to dropkick this obnoxious woman into next week. Seriously.

Some folks ask me - "Kretchy, why do you wear a t shirt that says "People: Not a Big Fan"?

THIS is why.

Hey- I think it's a bit whacky that a person would have a "emotional support" pig too, but you know what I do when I see stuff like that? I MOVE ON AND MIND MY OWN DAMN BUSINESS!

This Karen is a typical HOME OWNER ASSOCIATION member who loves to flex her imagined "authority" - because her life is empty and hollow- and she needs to put others down to make herself feel good about herself.

Too harsh? I don't think so.

Nothing would make my day more than if someone would just sweep the leg on this chick....