The NH Chronicle Piece on Bald Eagles in NH

For those that have asked- if you didn't get a chance to see the piece my friends at WMUR's NH CHRONICLE did on the growth of the BALD EAGLE population- I wanted to share it with you.

It's got some cool footage and photos of eagles here in NH by me, and some other great photogs! Here you go - Click HERE!

And here's a better look at a couple of my shots-

A mom feed the babies...

Doing the barrel roll.....

And a little spat between the couple -

And something I made sure to bring up in the interview that didn't make the final cut was - PLEASE - if you see bald eagles, always stay a safe distance away from them. You never want to disturb them or pester them. The photos I take are all taken at a distance with a high powered lens that brings me in close- but Im always a good distance away. An important reminder not just with eagles, but all wildlife. Thanks - hope you liked the piece and the pics. - g