I Got Invited to The Modern Dadhood Podcast!

My friend Adam Flaherty and his buddy Marc Checket do a podcast called "Modern Dadhood" - and if you're a Dad- it's really good! They talk about all kinds of stuff that Dad's have to deal with - that normally, most Dad's DON'T talk about! It's not that the subjects are private or sensitive - it's just that men use to have to keep that shit to themselves because, well - that's what Dads do!

Anyway- they asked me to be a guest.

The basic topic was "how do you balance being the joke around Dad, with being the disciplinarian that you eventually have to be?". So we talked about that and I told a story I've never told before about a prank the kids pulled on me that I wasn't too happy with, as well as a bunch of other things. It's only 30 minutes long- so you can check it out and let me know what you think. They may release the entire interview- which was a bit longer and pretty wide ranging - but I don't know when yet.

Anyway- if you like it, follow them, subscribe, and leave a comment if you can on Apple Podcasts. You can also hear them on the iHeartRadio App as well!

Click HERE to hear it -



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