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Gambling with the Buzz, and Things I Can't Explain...

Let me tell you, hanging out with Laura, Kayla, Kelly and Roadkill is fun. But some times, stuff happens I just can't explain -

We were all at Filotimo Casino and Draftkings Sportsbook in Manchester on Saturday night and we had a lot of fun! Great listeners came out to hang and screw around with us (and win a ton of concert tickets too!).

We did a number of games we called "OVER OR UNDER". Each of us did some sort of challenge- like- how many Smarties candies can Kelly Brown pick up with a straw (sucking it so the Smarties stuck to the straw so he could pick it up), and deposit into a nearby cup. It was a 30 second challenge - and Kelly's Over Under number was 18. If you thought he couldn't do that many- you threw your name in the UNDER bucket. If you thought he'd do MORE than that, you chose OVER. Here he is doing it -

Simple contest, but a funny picture that looks way worse than it is!

After that, Laura and Kayla hit the Vegas games (slots) - and they love this "Wheel of Fortune" game. So Kayla sits down to play- and when it starts going south- she tells Laura- "put your hand on me" for good luck -

And thats when this happened -

Ummm......yeahhhhhhhh. Weird, right?

But here's the thing- as soon as Laura put her hand(s) on Kayla -

Kayla started winning.

She walked away from that machine after winning $160.

So, who am I to question it??? hahah

Here's the moment they won -

Holy crap you'd have thought they won the lottery!!! Haha- but it was awesome, fun, and funny!

And one more addition to the "Things I Don't Understand" category -

How many store "Rewards" cards do you need? You know, like Shaws, Hannafords, and any other store or business that has "exclusive" membership benefits?

Look how many Laura CARRIES WITH HER!!!


She brings it everywhere she goes just in case she goes into any of those businesses! That's outrageous!!!

Well, at least it is to ME - haha -

But what the hell do I know!

Anyway - it was a fun night at Filotimo! Thanks to all those who came out!


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