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WHAT A NIGHT! Here's the First Round of BUZZBALL Pics!

What an AMAZING night! A SOLD OUT Capitol Theater for the Arts in Concord - and you guys were an incredible crowd!

We had SUCH a blast at Buzzball, thanks to all of you that came out for it! It was a 3 hour long celebration of great holiday music, comedy, and silliness that we hope made you feel good, and maybe made you laugh a bit! Thanks to Granite State Credit Union, our presenting sponsor- the night was also special because it benefitted LEND A HELPING CAN, and helped to put food on the tables of families in need across NH and VT.

The photos below were taken by the awesome PETER HIGGINS (Peter The Photographer)! This is the FIRST batch with lots more to come!

And couple from my phone - backstage-

Kretchy and "Santa". This Santa happens to surf, and loves Roast Beef sandwiches and is great at stand up comedy. Jimmy Dunn!

Jimmy Dunn was a great Santa! He delivers presents and makes a mean roast beef sandwich!!!

Kretchy with the lovely ladies of The Boston She Party!

The BOSTON SHE PARTY kicked ass with some great singing and dancing!!!

And the legendary SAL BAGLIO was in the house tearing it up on lead guitar!!!!

One of the best to come out of Boston - the legendary Sal Baglio!

Wait....somethings not right here....

Group Hug before the show!

Ok this is better... pre show messing around....

Thats better! Special photo bomb by Jimmy Dunn

And after the show - it aint over till Kelly and I have a celebration drink for surviving another Buzzball!

The post gig drink with Kelly Brown and Kretchy

But it didn't end there - I might have stayed out later then I had planned- with this guy-

Adam Ezra. Check out the time on the clock on the wall! hahah - Yeah, sleep is for wussies...

Kretchy and Adam Ezra still goin - look at the clock on the wall! (SLEEP IS FOR WUSSIES!)

And then the morning after - who answered the call to join us in studio? Adam Ezra. He's a solid dude......

Next day, Adam Ezra gets up to hang with us and play on the show!

Now THATS being a pal - right there. Dude wakes up after 3 hrs sleep just to come hang and play.

Thanks brother-

More to come folks-


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