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My Weekend: A Wedding, Stowe, Gargoyles, Photos, and The Pats

So we spent the weekend in Stowe and Smugglers Notch Vermont - and it was awesome.

Of course it's always beautiful area - but in the Fall - it's incredidble! It's not a peak foliage, but it's still gorgeous!

Valerie and I went to our friends son's wedding in Smugglers Notch- and this is what Friday nights view looked like -

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

It DID NOT - suck.

In addition- the Soggy Po Boys played- and that ALSO did NOT suck -

they were excellent! Kind of a New Orleans throwback sound that was perfect for the night!

Got up early on Saturday - and headed to Stowe to see what the camera and I could see-

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

I tend to look for out of the way places and things- that just catch my eye. Like this barn in Cambridge...

But I'm also aware of the iconic scenes to shoot as well - like the Stowe Community Church -

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

And the people of Stowe are SO welcoming....

well, MOST of em are...

Nice gargoyle thing, bro!! I realize it's a catamount - but whats with the bloody mouth?? Nice welcome for the guests!!! haha (actually- it was pretty cool!)


Valerie and I walked around town...

And we even took a carraige ride tour through some trails-

The driver was pretty cool and as we wove through the woods and the foliage, along a river and such- he gave us some pretty cool history of the area!

The wedding was incredible. Seriously- might be the most beautiful wedding reception I've ever been to. Check it out -

Had to be 200 candles lit there. I was like- "200 open flames, with people who are gonna be drinking? What could go wrong???? haha" -

But of course, nothing did go wrong and it was a blast-

Congrats to our friends son Jon Bonneau and his new wife Michaela - I've known Jon since he was about 4 years old, and I just met his wife on Friday and she was lovely. Best wishes to the happy couple. It was a very special night-

Oh, and my wife and I cleaned up pretty well too...haha

Made it home in time to watch the Pats, and even though we lost- given the circumstances, I didn't feel that bad about it! Zappe- the third string QB comes in and almost WINS the friggin game? I'll take that against the Packers!!

And for the record- Aaron Rogers seems like a total dick to me.

But hey, what do I know????

Hope you had a good weekend -


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