The Weekend: The Cold, -20 Wind Chill, The Pats, Connies 87th & More...

Some pics and stuff from the weekend? Why sure! Thanks for asking!

I photographed an award ceremony for the Somersworth Police Department. My brother is the Chief of Police, so - "it was an offer I couldn't refuse...." hahah -

It was a great night honoring members of the PD and the work they do in our city.

Here's a pic of the two of us -

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

David's about to retire after 37 years or so and it's richly deserved.

Saturday was shaping up to be super cold, with wind chills predicted to be -20 at some spots. And while most people stay home during that kind of weather- guys like me head out into it. Sub zero temps causes steam near the surface of the ocean - if the water is warmer than the air. It's called "sea smoke". And it's a pretty cool looking phenomenon.

But before you go out in it - you gotta prepare! Got cover all the parts, so to speak!

Oh- and at 4:30am- you gotta have the hot coffee too -

In the light of day, it didn't look any less creepy...

Heres a video I made of being out there - along with a couple shots I got...

And a better look at the shots...

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

Salisbury MA was the coldest - about -20 below. Still it was fun being out getting some cool shots of Mother Nature.

And Saturday night was all about the Pats game.

Which sucked. On all levels. Bottom line is - we were outmatched. Completely. We couldn't stop the Bills at all.

Matter of fact- here's the most exciting part of the game right here-

When a dildo getting thrown on the field is the best part of a game- you know it sucks. hahah...But still -

I repped Belichick on Sunday....

ANNNNNND we celebrated my Mom Connie's 87th on Sunday!! Had the parents over for dinner to celebrate!!

Connie's looking pretty good for 87!!!!!!

And although I loved the weather this weekend- Molly didn't. Haha-

This is her - "No walk today, Dad???" face.....

Maybe next time Molly -

Hope you had a good weekend, and a good upcoming week -


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