My Weekend in 5 Pics: Taxes, Friends, a Tool of The Devil, & a Reunion

Well even though the weather was strange - we had a pretty damn good weekend! We went out for dinner with friends, and on Sunday night- for the first time in a year, we had my parents back over to to the house for dinner.

I know - some of you will argue that that's nonsense, and i could have done it anytime I wanted. Well, given the pandemic, and having a daughter who has worked on the Covid floor of a hospital since the beginning- we played it safe and played by the guidelines. We waited until Valerie, the kids and I - AND my parents were all vaccinated before we went masks off. Anyway - the point is- it was nice to be able to get together like normal again.

We ended up having the Easter ham we never got a chance to eat this year. It was nice-

This was Sunday morning out on the deck, having coffee out on the deck with Valerie (and Molly). I have to say - Im pretty friggin sick of windy weather at this point - and if it's in the 60's - then thats fine by me! It was a nice morning to be outside!

Also - I know you'll be shocked by this- but I got out for a couple hours to do some eagle hunting, and was rewarded by getting a shot of the Dad and the kids in the nest.

Looks like 2 young ones in there, under Dad's watch...

And when Dad stretched his wings to go for a fly - I was ready and got this -

Pretty cool shot!

Had a great night out with friends on Friday night at Patty B's Restaurant in Dover NH. This salmon might be the best salmon I've ever had! (It had a Jack Daniels/Maple Glaze on it and it was PHENOMENAL).

And yeah, I took a pic of my food. So be it!

On Saturday, we spent the day working in the yard, and I don't have any exciting pics from it. I will post this though - what you see below is the landscaping TOOL OF THE DEVIL!

Oh sure- they look nice when you put em down around your landscaping, maybe around the pool. But let me give you the lowdown: God FORBID you ever try to remove them! What a colossal PAIN IN THE ASS! They never stop! You can rake em, shovel em - doesn't matter- THEY JUST KEEP COMING up from underground!!! Ugh. Just call in the mulch truck and dump it right over em!!!

And while we were doing all the yard work - Molly -

-Supervised from the patio.... #MollysWorld

And last but not least- ugh.....I worked on my taxes....

Yeah, my face says it all -

Pretty chill weekend over all, and Im good with that-

Hope yours was good too!