Tom Brady Fan MUST READ: How The Bucs Got Tom Brady

If you're a Tom Brady fan, and you're still upset about him leaving the Patriots- READ THE ARTILCE I post below.

It's no secret Brady wanted to leave because he wanted the best chance to win another championship - and this article tells you the behind the scenes story from the Bucs perspective.

And what's amazing about it - is the amount of homework Tom did before he even met with the team. CLASSIC BRADY. He knew everything about the team before he even went in to meet.

And check out THE ONLY THING HE ASKED FOR when all was said and done. Read it. It will only make you love the guy more, and it will make you feel good that your support of that guy

through the years of him was worth it, not only because of how well he performed - but how good of a guy he is.

Read the article HERE.

He's the GOAT. And even though he'll finish playing somewhere else, he'll always be a Patriot at heart. At least to me -


Wild Card Round - Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots

Wild Card Round - Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots

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