OUCH! Aerosmith Bars Joey Kramer from Rhearsals! VIDEO!

Man, that's gotta hurt....

First his case gets booted out of court by a judge- and then he gets turned away at the door of the rehearsal studios by security!

If you missed it - Kramer has been out of the band for more than 6 months due to an injury. When he wanted to come back - they wanted him to audition - to make sure his playing was up to snuff.

It wasn't.

So - they didn't let him rejoin the band. And so he sued- because he wants to play and be present at two awards show events happening this weekend. Aerosmith said no.

So - who's the douchebag here? Aerosmith, or Kramer?

My vote- and I hate to say it because I like the guy - but it's Joey. Without question. You don't have a "right" to play in the band. You have to be up for the job- and if you're not right now- then you can't expect to go onstage and affect every other performer up there because of your playing.

Sorry Joey - you lose this one -


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