Dad Tackles Son's High School Wrestling Opponent

I've railed against idiot parents at youth sports forever. But THIS........ takes the friggin cake.

The Dad didn't like the move the opponent made on his kid (which I admit - did look damn dangerous - dropping the kid on his head like that) - so the got up a running head of steam and TRUCKED the kid off the mat!

He was promptly arrested and charged for the incident.

Funny thing, though - I remember several years back the subject of youth sports came up on the show and I asked- "Which sport has the worst parents?" (meaning the parents who are the most out of control at games).

I fully expected the answer to be hockey. Hockey parents are known for screaming stuff and losing their cool (and if you're a hockey parent - don't get your panties in a twist. You know you've seen it!). But to my surprise- the number one response we got? WRESTLING parents. I was shocked. I had never heard of any incidents like that, but man - I did that day. Because of that- I wasn't that shocked when I saw this story.

And the fact that I wasn't shocked- might be the saddest part of it all.

How do we expect our kids to act like adults, when the adults act like kids?


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