New Photo Tuesday: Some Recents Pics 10-22-19

So I've covered some territory in the last couple of weeks. When it's foliage season, I like to get out to as many spots as I can - during the week. I'm not one for crowds or traffic. That's why I get up at the butt crack of dawn to get out to places, OR - I go when no one else is there - during the middle of the week.

Anyway- I stumbled into three bull moose, with a cow and a calf - in Cambridge NH. And before anyone gets the panties in a twist about how close I was - relax. I used a 300mm zoom on these - haha. I try to make a point of never disturbing animals or birds when Im out shooting. It's their home, Im just the visitor. This bull above had about a 50 in rack and may have been in the 800-900 lb range. Here's his school pic -

And here's one of their buddies- and he's not a little guy either. He is HUGE!

I spent some time in places like Peacham VT, Errol NH, Eustis ME and tons more - and everywhere I went- the views were spectacular!

It doesn't get any more beautiful than Peacham VT

Or Grafton Notch State Park in Maine.

Screw Auger Falls, in North Oxford Maine is a great spot. I shot it once a couple of months ago and wasn't happy with the results. So - I made sure I got back there to rectify that.

And here's a shot from Rollinsford NH - where I played around a little and did the foliage thing as I hit the hyper space button -

and last but not least - one of my favorites from Errol NH, where I watched this leaf fall into the water. I love this one for two reasons: I love that moment, when the leaf surrenders and wafts down on to the water. And second- because within hours after that moment- that leaf can be miles away. That's the kind of stuff I think about when Im out with the camera. Yeah, it may be weird, but it's true.

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