Tony Stewart Punches Mouthy Race Fan (He Had it Comin!)


Ok- so let me say this: You shouldn't punch anyone. Ok, I get that. I know that.


Some assholes just have it comin', don't they?

Just ONCE I'd love for the mouth jerk to get punched in the face, and just accept that he deserved it. Yet - we always blame the guy who lost his cool - celeb, athlete - whatever. It's always - "they should have known better" or - "they have to be the adult" - or - my favorite - "it comes with the territory".

Explain to me how acting like an asshole comes with any territory? Man, we have it backwards.

The guy got punched in the face after he mouthed off to Tony- swearing at him because he blew an engine on the first lap of a race in Minnesota where he was the featured driver. You can read the whole story HERE.

It used to be if you mouthed off like a jerk and got punched in the face - you took it like a man. Because if you're man enough to act like that, then you're man enough to accept the consequences. But not today!

People realize they can get away with it - and then blame the person who punched them (no matter what they did to bring that punch about).

At this point- no charges have been filed - but mark my words - after this thing hit TMZ - that will change. Guarantee he either files charges or a lawsuit.

In a perfect world - he wouldn't have mouthed off in the first place, and if he was stupid enough to act like that- then he'd take the consequences because he had them coming.

Don't agree?

I'll fight ya...



Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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