The Family BRAWL At Mickey's ToonTown in Disneyland!!!! WARNING: Graphic!


The world is going to hell in a handbasket, my friends!

This fight is both hilarious and horrific for a bunch of reasons! Not the least of which is - THEY ARE ALL RELATED!!!

I don't know what started it, and I don't care. I have always said that unless its in cases of extreme self defense - only a coward of a man hits a woman. And there's a few to go around in this video! It's one thing to defend yourself while a woman is trying to hurt you - but it's another when you walk up behind her, spin her around and cold cock her in the face. Damn I hope that dude gets arrested!

But apart from the absolute mayhem that these families brought to THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH - what also bugs me is this: the number of people who didn't get out of there with their kids - so they kids didn't see that mess, but INSTEAD- busted out their phones to record it. And how many guys stood around and watched women get punched by that dude and did nothing? AMAZING!

Hell in a handbasket, I tell you - hell in a friggin handbasket!

And they did it in the Mouse's house, bro....



Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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