Terminator 6: Dark Fate - OK I'm IN!


To be honest, I stopped caring after Terminator 3.

BUT.... this one actually has piqued my interest!!!!! I'm excited to see it, actually!

You'd expect Arnold to be back, because- well, that's what he does. This time, however, Linda Hamilton is back as well - and THAT'S why I want to see it. I loved Sarah Connor - she was a total badass! Don't get me wrong - no disrespect to Arnold - I still want to see him, but making these old movies come full circle always appeals to me.

Like Rocky Balboa - they show Rock getting old and worn down - but he's still got the guts to lay it on the line one more time -

And that's what makes it interesting to me -

So count me in for T6.....

See you there-


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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