NH Wild Side: My Turkey Hunting Trip with NWTF and Gary Spaulding!


Here's the video from my turkey hunt with NWTF's Carter Heath, and our Lend a Helping Can auction winner Gary Spaulding!

I was the newbie of the group, having never been hunting before (I had gone out once to watch but not shoot) - and the guys could not have been nicer. And any time you get to be out in the woods to see the world wake up - it's a good day. Thanks to Carter, Fred Bird and the NWTF, Governor Chris Sununu and all involved for such a great time.

And I'd like to especially thank Gary Spaulding, and Tim Slager for helping feed local families by being the high bidders on the chance to participate in the hunts! Thank you both very much!

It was a great experience for me, and the people I met and hunted with were awesome -


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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