Here's the Commencement Speech I Gave at The High School I Graduated From


I was honored to be asked to be the commencement speaker at this years Somersworth High School Graduation.

As cool as it is, it IS a challenging thing to do (well, at least for me it was). What can I ever say to these graduates

that will cut through the noise of the world and connect with them?

I wrote an entire speech on Monday. On Wednesday, I threw it away and wrote the one you'll see in the video.

Without telling you the speech, I just told them the truth about an experience that almost destroyed me - but in the

end - changed my life. I kept it relatively short because I remember what it was like sitting in those chairs they

were sitting in.

My thanks to The Class of 2019, Class Advisor Louise White, and Principal John Shea.

As far as how it went over? Well, I didn't see anyone fall out of their chair, asleep - so that's a good sign!! Haha-

See for yourself -


ps. I apologize for the sound quality. The PA system was too small for such a large place (The Whittemore Ctr).

Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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