New Photo Tuesday! Some of My Recent Shots!

Here's some of my recent photography - hope you like em -


Here's one I shot on one of our Buzz Photo Trips. We visited the Coolidge Mansion, and the lilacs added great color to the already spectacular house..

Ready to Launch.....

From the Cape last weekend. I walked the beach in Chatham - and it was just sand and surf- until i found the this upside down dinghy. Beautiful place for sure, but I much prefer the rocky coast of Maine, and the fishermen who work the docks there.....

A flat, cloudless sky greeted the sun at Pemaquid Light in Pemaquid ME- so I shot the courtyard because I loved how clean and crisp it looked. The sun peaking through the fence was a real bonus...

Hope you liked em -

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Greg Kretschmar

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