USAF Pilot Didn't Mean To Draw Giant Penis in The Sky

The headline says it all.

So, you're a sky jock and you're doing boring, normal routines up in the great blue yonder over Arizona. How do you get rid of the yawns? Simple - you draw a giant d*** in the sky with the contrails from your F35 jet!


Makes total sense!

Then you and your pilot buddies have a laugh when all the people below complain that there's a giant d*** over their house! And when people come asking about it - you say "Oh, golly! I would NEVER do that! I was just doing routine maneuvers!"

In the artlcle linked below- it mentions how doing sky penises is something Navy pilots do all the time! Haha- that's pretty funny! A little intra-military branch humor, there!

But you rock on, pilots! You draw whatever you want up there. You own the sky.....


Here's the link to the story: HERE

Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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