Game of Thrones - Episode 5 Roundup! (SPOILERS!)


Wow! That's all I can say!

That has to be the WORST break up EVER!!! Dany- a woman who freed slaves and saved people - gets pissed at her boyfriend and switches into SCORCHED EARTH mode to wipe out Kings Landing!! WHOAH!!! She's become her dad- The Mad King/Queen!

(SO glad I picked Arya in the Death Pool! I have her as the last survivor!)

Here are some questions and thoughts -

When Tyrion said goodbye to Jamie- yeah, it must have got pretty dusty in the room I was in. I must have had something in my eyes. Heartbreaking....

So- Jamie gets stabbed TWICE in the midsection with a foot long blade - and can STILL run up into the Red Keep to Cersei? Bitch, please!

Everyone catch that Varys was trying to poison Dany in that opening scene with that kid who came up from the kitchen? Dastardly man, that enuch!

For the love of GOD! How hard is it to kill The Mountain??????

And speaking of that- I loved The Hound. That broke my heart.

Most hated character that I was glad to see die? 1. Joffrey 2. Ramsey and 3. Euron Greyjoy. MAN I hated that prick...

And the biggest thing for me was how quickly Dany went from peace loving leader freeing slaves to an insane woman who burns an entire town - killing thousands of innocents? I mean - great acting by Emilia Clark, because you could see her snap just by the look in her eyes...

Mind you - these aren't complaints, because I know when you're so into a show- there is no it can fully live up to all of the expectations - so these are just observations and thoughts. Here's what some of the internet is saying-

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