Adam Sandler's Excellent Tribute to Chris Farley on SNL....


This was the very last thing Sandler did on the night he hosted SNL.

He hadn't been there since he was fired 24 years ago.

And he brought with him the best episode that show has had in 3 years. From the monologue, to the skits, to the return of Opera Man, and of course- the frosting on the cake- the tribute to Farley - it was a great episode.

Some of you know I never missed that show because - even when everybody thought the show sucked - I still watched. The reason? I love the danger of live tv. You never know what could happen. Granted - there were lean years on the show, but there are always great performers in the cast no matter the year. But over the last couple years, it leaned way to heavy on the Trump shit- and I just didn't find it funny. It was an easy cheap shot week after week. It was funny in the beginning - but Baldwin wore thin on me quickly.

Still - I wasn't going to miss this episode, and Im glad I didn't. It didn't open with politics - and for the most part, did very little with that on the night.

And it was a refreshing change.

Here's the monologue-


Hats off to the Sandman for delivering the goods last night, and esepcially for the touching end to the show. You could tell it was from the heart - and I even thing after he mentions Chris's Dad- I think he chokes up a bit.

It was perfect-


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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