Game of Thrones: Behind The Scenes of Episode 3 & More


I'm still recovering from this episode. Finished at 10:30, it took me till after midnight to fall asleep!

Some thoughts on the ep -


First- I turned off all the lights and watched it on a big screen - and STILL couldn't see what the hell was happening during some of the fight scenes. Everything was a dark blur. I get that that's what the White Walkers and Night King did so the enemy couldn't see them - but hey! IM PAYING TO SEE THIS S***! Lighten it up, HBO! I think I thought the Hound died three times during the fight scenes, but I couldn't tell! I thought maybe it was just me- then I came in and read articles like THIS -

Arya has been my pick to outlast everyone on the show - and last night proved why she's a good choice. TOTAL SAVAGE. I actually cheered out loud when she gave the Night King his due. F that guy.

It broke my heart to see Lyanna Mormont die - but MAN DID SHE KICK ASS!!! And she SLAYED THE FRIGGIN GIANT while she was dying! It doesn't get more badass than that. She was one of my favorite characters. You can read more about it HERE

I knew it had to happen - but Sir Jora's heroic death still hurt. I loved that guy.

And mad props to Theon Greyjoy. That son of a bitch was money when it mattered. Finally.

Here's some other stuff for your GOT Reading Enjoyment...

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Bring on Episode 4!!!

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