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We're in the middle of what photographers call "stick season". Everything on the landscape is just sticks and mud. There's no color to shoot on a landscape, so I try to find other things - like bald eagles - to shoot. And, of course, there's always the ocean, which is my favorite subject by far. So with that in mind- here's a few of my latest photos. Hope you like em -

Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth ME is always beautiful. But on Sunday morning, the sky provided this stunning backdrop. In the moments before sunrise, this is what happened to the sky. It lasted several minutes and then was gone. The sun never rose above the horizon- or at least, it never showed itself after it did. That's why when you shoot a sunrise, it's good to be in place an hour before sunrise because the pre dawn color is usually the best of the day.

This bald eagle is the biggest of all the eagles I watch. The wingspan is over 6 feet wide. Impressive bird, that's for sure.

I shot this in New Castle NH on a morning when the sunrise was a bust. There was no color in the sky, so I used the yellow light of the early sun in this shot of the creek in low tide. This type of light is my favorite to shoot in.

And on the same morning as the shot above- this is from a bit earlier, before the sunrise. Again - the best color of the day happens before you see the sun. Once the sun rises over the horizon, more often than not - the color is gone.

That's just a few shots for ya. If you want to see more - check out my photo site - . Thanks - g

Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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