Bruins Legend Ray Bourque Gets Shamed at Grocery Store

Ray Bourque, the Boston Bruins legend - had to go to the grocery store to grab a prescription and some food. He went to Stop and Shop in North Andover and went inside.

Outside, there was a picket line of union employees who are striking over what they say is an unfair contract proposal. In total, 240 Stop and Shop stores have been affected.

Now, let's get this straight - I support their right to do that. Good for them. They band together to try to improve the conditions and job benefits for all the other workers. BRAVO.

But I can't stand this shaming shit.


If you want to strike for your cause, that's fine. If you want to ask and encourage others to join in the fight- I got no issue with that. But I can't stand when you stand there with your cameras out and shame a customer - famous or not- by taunting them with "Shame on You! Seriously! What's wrong with you?" - with FULL INTENT of posting it on social media to boost your cause and make them look bad! Here's a tip for you: YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG.


But you didn't care about that- you just wanted to shame him and make him look like a traitor without any regard for the story behind it- so you taunted him and shamed him. The shame finger should have been pointed right back at you, Mam.

"We looked up to you! We celebrated you!" - she cried. UGH.

How about - "Hey Ray, we could really use your support here! Do you think maybe- as a former union member - you could give us a shout out on camera?" - Might that have yielded a better result?

But no, you shamed him the moment he stepped out the door, and put the guy on the defensive without any regard for the reason why he may have gone in the store in the first place. If I was going in that store for medicine for me - or my kid - I'd have told you straight away to F Off. Not because I don't support unions - but because you're telling me how to live my life. And besides - shouldn't your problem be more with the workers replacing you inside the store rather than the customers who are going in and out?

But welcome to 2019. Shoot first and ask questions later.

Ray Bourque had to issue an apology along with a promise to support them in the near future, after his medical condition improved.

He didn't have a choice though, did he?

And that's my problem here. Instead of maybe being nice and respectful about asking for his support - you friggin bullied him. The same way Im guessing your complaining Stop and Shop is trying to bully you.

Bottom line for me is this - I will support your right to strike, but if you do that shit to people, you're not helping your cause. You're hurting it.

Respect is a two way street.


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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