WWE Brett Hart Attacked at Hall of Fame Induction


What in the blue blazes of f*** is going on in the world!!!???

I mean, how DUMB are you to attack a wrestler - IN AN ARENA FULL OF WRESTLERS AND FANS?

Brett Hart - who recently had a stroke, by the way - gets tackled by some moron - who instantly gets the piss beat out of him - AND DESERVEDLY SO!

Here's a fan video from the seats -


Huge props to Dash Wilder for bashing that idiot in the face as they took him out.

Sorry, but if you want to be an idiot and do stuff like that- you get what's coming to you plain and simple.

I've always said if you're that guy who runs on the field, court, ice, ring, stage- or any other playing surface or performance area - you get what's coming to you and you can't blame anyone but yourself.


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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