Bald Eagle Mid Air Flight!

I was lucky enough to see and photograph a mid air confrontation between an adult male bald eagle and a juvenile bald eagle yesterday. Two juvenile eagles started swooping around a nest where the female adult was sitting on eggs - so the male adult swung in to make sure they didn't get to the eggs. Yeah, eagles will attack the nest of other eagles. Total savage move....

And to shoot it, I just followed my main subject- the adult male - and tried to stay with him, keeping him in my focal area. I know - sounds simple - but it's not because they're flying at a pretty good clip. Truth is, I didn't know what I had gotten until I got home. Anyway - here's how it played out -

Here's the adult male coming in for the fight, ready with talons dropped-

And then it's on...

Pretty cool to watch, but the fight took about 30 seconds. It was kind of like watching old WWII air battles!

For more of my bald eagle photography, check out my gallery on my photo site-


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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