I SEE DUMB PEOPLE: Woman Attempts Selfie with Jaguar, Promptly Attacked


And, what, I'm supposed to feel bad for this woman?

Guess what? I don't.

I feel bad for the animal that now will most likely be affected by whatever the outcome of this event is. This woman crossed a barrier and allegedly tried to take a selfie with the jaguar in the background, and it attacked her.

Here's what CBS says :

A jaguar attacked a woman who crossed a barrier to take a photo with the animal at an Arizona zoo Saturday evening, officials said. The woman sustained non-life-threatening injuries in the attack at the Wildlife World Zoo in Litchfield Park, about 20 miles outside of Phoenix.

The Rural Metro Fire Department said the woman attempted to "take a selfie near the fence of the Jaguar enclosure when the cat reached out and attacked her arm."

The zootweeteda statement saying paramedics were called at the request of the woman's family, and at no point was the jaguar out of its enclosure.

The woman, who is in her 30s, was taken to a local hospital after suffering a laceration on her arm. She is expected to recover,CBS affiliate KPHO-TVreported.

"There's no way to fix people crossing barriers," Mickey Ollson, the zoo's director, told KPHO. "That happens occasionally. We put substantial barriers there, and if people cross them, they can get in trouble."

Ollson said this is the second time the same jaguar hurt a park visitor who crossed the barrier. The zoo is considering adding additional barriers to prevent further incidents.


Like I said, "I See Dumb People"....


Here's another version of the story....


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