Teenage Crush? Yeah, I Had One- REMEMBER HER?

Laura is devastated at the news of Luke Perry's passing because "Dylan" was her childhood tv crush....

So when we were talking about it - it led to a discussion about who we crushed on in the pre-teen/teen years. Guys, of course, didn't call them crushes- we just liked hot chicks.

I grew up in the 70s' and there was no guy I knew that didn't have THE Farrah Fawcett poster! Hell, I WON mine at the Rochester Fair! I won it on the midway shooting out the star with a BB machine gun!!! WHOO HOO!!

But if i go back farther into my childhood- man, I was in LOVE with BATGIRL. The original - not the bullshit wannabe's. Yvonne Craig.....man, that chick KILLED in that batgirl costume! Yvonne is the OG of Batgirls -

LOOK! She was beautiful!


And out of respect- here's the poster that every kid owned.....

Yeah, millions of boxes of Kleenex got wiped out thanks to that poster....hahaha...

(Sorry....but you laughed because you know it was true....)


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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