New Photo Tuesday: Shots from The Weekend!

Got out and did some shooting over the weekend. First stop was Sunday morning - took in the sunrise on Marginal Way in Ogunquit, and then up to Cape Porpoise. Then Monday, I got up at 3:30a (which is normal -haha- for me) and headed to Vermont. I shot in Peacham, Groton, Newbury, Pomfret, Woodstock, Reading and Hartland. It was a great couple of days of being outside and enjoying New England-

Here's a few of the shots I got - hope you like em -


This is a shot from Cape Porpoise. I shot it with black and white in mind. The light just seemed to make it more dramatic-

Met this little guy along my travels. He was sunning himself on a river bank - just chillin'. I shot from a distance with a 600mm lens so I could get some pretty cool closeups without bothering him. He didn't seemed fazed by me whatsoever- and he even waved at me! Haha-

This is in Pomfret VT. It's a pretty famous farm - that is rumored to be owned by a pretty famous rock star (but Im not sure that is true any longer). It was a snowy day all day in Vermont, but it sure was beautiful!

And you didn't think I was going to get through a weekend without getting a shot of a baldie, did ya?

This guy was flying into a pretty stiff wind - hence the ruffled feathers-

Hope you dug the shots -


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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