Me, Valerie, and Scal at The Celts Game


So - we've been chatting with former Celtic, and NBA Champ Brian Scalabrine for a couple months now (Thursdays at 6:40am) and until Friday night, we had never officially met. So, Valerie and I went down and showed up early to say "Hi". 

Scal is about as cool a guy as you would hope he would be. He's the play by play analyst for NBC Sports Boston's Celtics coverage- and he's great at it. He brings a converational yet informative style to every broadcast, and he does the same thing when he's on with us.

So we get down on the court- and we sit down and chat for a while- and he's a down to earth normal guy and the conversation flowed easily.  Valerie, who's a huge Celtics fan - was thrilled to be there, AND to be down on the court...


And the seats weren't too shabby either....haha...

And just look how excited Valerie was.....haha-  adorable!


She's the best...haha....

So - we rode the train from home,  met and hung with Scal, hung on the court, and the Celtics won.

Yeah. It was a good night...


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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