-22 Degrees? Guess Where I Was....?


So - the temperature was 1 degree above 0, with a windchill that made it feel like -21. Well, at least that's what my weather app told me. All I knew was - it was friggin COLD. 

I had gotten up early to shoot this morning, but the skies and tides didn't cooperate- so I went in to the station and did some work- even though it was a holiday and we had the day off. Besides- I was still so jacked from the Pats game- I wanted to put together some Pats stuff for the show.

But back outside I went- out and into the cold. Why? Because the best time to go out is when everybody else is inside. On Sunday, I didn't like the looks of the day so I chilled at home. But I was not going to let it happen two days in a row - and I headed out after finishing my work....


Sea Smoke is what occurs when the water is warmer than the air. Think about that for a second: the ocean water is WARMER than the air. Ouch. And whenever it happens, photographers come out of the woodwork. But not today...hahah. I guess they are smarter than me...

Anyway - I ended up at Nubble Light to catch some of the wave action...


As the skies cleared- it only got colder. But at least there was some good wave action though....


Warning - getting out to the edge of the rocks is tricky- given the ice and crusted snow. If you attempt to do it -be careful. 

I was there just 2 days before- early on Saturday morning before the storm hit - and I may have gotten a bit wet... hahah..

When you get down low near the waves- you have to pay attention. Needless to say - I may have been to focused on what I was shooting, and not the waves coming in from behind me on the right...


But whatever! A little water never killed anyone, right?

Besides- if you don't get wet when you're shooting the tide- I don't think you're doing it right.. 

But don't quote me on that..


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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