My First Poster For When We Run for Office


Future First Couple....

Hey! Valerie would make a GREAT Governor! And I've already got the "Secret Service" look going for me! But seriously- I'm actually thinking life in the capital would be cool!  Haha- I'm kidding! I'd never make it - because my head would explode from all the bulls*** you have to deal with! And if someone dug up some old photo I'm in and deemed it "offensive" - I'd tell em to kiss my ass-   haha.... who needs it?? 

But then again never know!! haha...


But here's us with the real "First Couple" - the official Inaugural Photo with Governor Chris Sununu and his wife Valerie. Very nice folks- and people who really care about the important things, and are in it for the right reasons. It was a very cool day to watch. Thanks to the Governor and Valerie for inviting us...

Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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