Why Kevin Hart Should Host The Oscars

Recap: Kevin Hart was asked to host the Oscars and he accepted. Within hours, some people started complaining about a homophobic tweet he made about 10 years ago - as a reason he shouldn't be allowed to host the show.

And the ridiculous shit-storm began.  So much so, he withdrew from the hosting gig.

On "Ellen" Friday,  he addressed it - because Ellen asked him to reconsider, and host the show.


What clear thinking adult doesn't understand what he's saying?  He's admitted - ad nauseum - that he was wrong, and that's he's changed (which, clearly he has). So at what point do we allow that just because someone said something stupid 10 or 20 years ago, doesn't mean they 're that same person today?  At what point will we ACCEPT that NONE of us could stand up to that kind of scrutiny?

This kind of knee jerk attack, mob mentality is really only a minority of loudmouths who use their keyboards to get noticed- and we have to stop giving into this ridiculous type of stuff.  I'm not saying what he said wasn't stupid- BUT-  he apologized many times,  so can we just let the man move on?

Who amongst us - INCLUDING those who are allegedly upset over this - could stand up to that kind of scrutiny? Here's the answer- NONE OF THEM (and certainly not me). And that's my point. We need to judge people on how they live their lives today - and not by some stupid tweet from 10 years ago while they were trying to be funny.

Ellen Degenerous is standing up for him - and taking considerable heat for doing so, too. Here's her thoughts...


This is so common sense, it actually pisses me off that some people don't get it.

Let him host. And when he does - pay no attention to the haters. 


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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