Some Snowy Owl Shots from The Weekend

So, I went out and photographed the sunrise on Sunday morning, and when it was over, I figured I'd see if I could track down a snowy owl. And I got lucky down on Plum Island MA.

I don't know much about owls, but its been my experience with snowy owls, that they love to "perform" for you.  They smile, they preen, they pose, they squint, and more. It's like they have personalities. Don't believe me? Ask anyone who has watched them for any amount of time.

I watched this one for about 45 minutes before he eventually flew -and it was pretty cool to see...


He was sitting on a branch at the top of the tree/bush line - and I shot this from about 30 yards away with a 600mm lens.  He sat still, only turning his head for most of the time - but once he fluttered his wings (like above) - it was a signal he was ready to jump - 


And so he did...


He was airborn....


And with a few thrusts of his wings-  he was off...


And gone...

But anytime y ou watch a bird like this, and you get to see it fly - it's special. And it made my day.


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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