2 Great Shows from My Vacation

Got to see two of my favorite bands over the break -  The Ghost Of Paul Revere - at 3S Art Space in Portsmouth, and The Adam Ezra Group at the Tupelo Music Hall in Derry on New Years Eve.

These bands have two things in common - first is, they make great music, but second is you can feel the joy they have in performing it in front of a crowd. 


Ghost of Paul Revere gave a great performance of some early stuff, their latest cd "Monarch", and some new tunes they'll be recording for their next cd in a couple of weeks. Such great harmonies, and playing- that there is just no way you can be in a bad mood at their shows. I've met the boys once- and they were incredibly humble and nice.  My kind of folks, for sure - and the music is awesome. If you don't know them - look them up. You won't regret it. And- "you're welcome" - in advance. 

And then there's this guy - 


I met Adam Ezra several years ago - and became a fan of his, his band, and his community of fans. He's a good friend who wears his heart on his sleeve - and in todays world, that's a pretty cool thing. He and the band put on a great show on New Years Eve at the Tupelo - and the show was being recorded for a forthcoming live album. It's gonna be good - that's much is for sure. 

We went to the show with friends- and we ended up in the middle of the band at the end of the night. And for the record- Im pretty sure Valerie is crushing on Adam. Think you can tell by this pic? haha- (Valerie is the the woman in the red shirt). It's cool - all women do! Friggin guys a magnet! haha  Here he's singing "Let it Be"  in the middle of the crowd to end the show. 

As a folkie at heart - when it comes to music- I always think it's cool when a performer does this kind of thing - 


And here's some video of it.....


It was a great way to end my year-  with Valerie, friends - and some great music.

Happy New Year to you all - 


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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