NASCAR Championship: Where Are The Fans?

I tuned in to watch the NASCAR finale from Miami. It's THE RACE where they would crown their CHAMPION. It's their WORLD SERIES. Their SUPER BOWL.

And yet the stands were BARELY half full.

Sure, the main grand stand at the start/finish line was kind of full, and by "kind of" - I mean there were "plenty of good seats still available"!

You know there is a problem when the tv crews do their very best to keep the stands OUT of the picture. Go ahead, rewatch the race on DVR or on Demand- you'll see. They do their UTMOST to NOT show the stands! Why? Because there's too many empty spaces there!



See? The only wide shot during the race - was from the stands side. No stands on the backstretch.

And then there's this -


The stands near the end of pit road. There's sheeting over the stands there that tracks put logos on to make it look cool. Its' really just to cover seats they couldn't sell.

Here's a closer look -


Complete sections of seats, covered, and empty- for the championship race.

NASCAR can crow all they want about giving the fans what they wanted - and how great the racing is nowadays, and it deed- it may be. The finale' from Miami was pretty damn cool!

It's just too bad that apparently nobody wants to watch it anymore.

You did it to yourself NASCAR. You took the fans that made the sport what it was for granted - and you lost most of them. There was a time when there were huge waiting lists to get tickets to any race. Now - you can't even give them away.

I really enjoyed the hell out of this sport for a long time. Now, it barely registers on my interest meter.

To those that still love the sport, I'm glad for you. I wish I could feel the same, but I don't. It ended the day I realized that NASCAR doesn't really give a shit about anything but money.


ps. Very happy for New England's own Joey Logano. He was always a very cool dude to hang out with, interview, and talk to. He's funny, and I love that he's kind of an old school racer. You mess with him, he messes back. Congratulations on winning the Cup!

Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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