Thoughts on SNL's Apology to Lt Comm Dan Crenshaw


Here's my take away from this whole thing - 

First, I have always liked Pete Davidson. He's funny, in a self deprecating way. But what he said last week was just stupid and wrong. He made fun of the appearance of Lt Comm Dan Crenshaw - who lost his eye after hitting an IED overseas (during his 3rd tour).

I can't fathom the stupidity to say something like that - let alone on television.

Enter Lt Comm Crenshaw. 

He appears on SNL to respond to what Davidson said. And here's the thing:  He didn't rant. He didn't rave. He didn't condemn. He didn't start a petition. And he didn't demand Davidson lose his job. 

He just accepted Davidson's apology, and then had some fun at Pete's expense. 

Is Davidson an idiot for saying what he said? Sure! But people everywhere say stupid shit EVERY DAY. We've just become a society that takes those things and makes them headlines. I've never understood that. ONE mistake, and they need to pay for it with having their lifes work taken away from them. It's the work of the mob mentality the media has created, and it's wrong. The media thrives on it. They're selling it, and society buys it. Big time.

I'm not making excuses for what Davidson said, because there is none. What I am doing, it questioning how WE RESPOND to stuff like that. 

Lt Comm Crenshaw graciously accepted the apology, and used the opportunity to create understanding. He could have destroyed Davidson, and he didn't. He showed mercy. 

Imagine that....

And THAT's the lesson to be learned here: We don't have to be at each others throats. We don't have to demand the ultimate sacrifice when someone screws up. A little understanding can go a long way to healing the rift that runs down the middle of our country right now.  

After all, aren't we all on the same team?

I salute Lt Comm Dan Crenshaw. He showed America grace, and understanding. He showed America how we should all aspire to be...

Never forget.


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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