Caught in Tornado? Then SCREAM and Record it!


So this woman is caught in a tornado in Quebec Canada (who knew they even got tornadoes up there!). 

Wind whipping, windows break- all hell is breaking loose and she's in the middle of it.

So what does she do? Well, for one- she SCREAMS over and over.  But more importantly - 


Excuse the Sam Hell out of me, but WTF does she do THAT for? Here's an idea, protect yourself! Cover your face and eyes, and dont worry about creating a friggin INSTAGRAM POST!

And honestly- the screaming? Tell me - what good does screaming do? I've never understood that. When Im scared like that - I shut my friggin yap and hope I don't die. Screaming to me just is stupid. A  total waste of energy at a time when you should conserve it, and just think about not dying.

But hey, I'm saying all this from the comfort of my studio where the wind is nill, and the temp is 68 degrees!

But think about it-  if you're THAT scared and think you may just die-  what the f*** are you doing recording it?


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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