The Hair Trimming MISHAP

haircut you may have heard, I cut my own hair. Since there's not much of it, why pay someone to just buzz it, right?

I call it - the "Redneck Haircut". I just use the trimmer and whale on it. But when it comes to the back, you just need a little help. So - I asked my wife to come in and clean up the back - and make sure the line was straight, right?

She comes in- does  a little, and then asks for the bigger trimmer to "clean it up a bit".  I hand it to her- the trimmer with no attachments, so it's just the blade -  and she runs it right up the back of my head.

And then she SCREAMS, and immediately puts the trimmer down....

And starts laughing...

I just hung my head...<sigh>.

"It's not THAT noticeable!!!" - she laughed.

"That's very reassuring, hon....."

The dangers of the redneck haircut... 


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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