The Quechee Balloon Festival Photos

It was a perfect day for the Quechee Balloon Festival in beautiful Quechee Vermont, on Saturday. The skies were clear, the wind was slight, and the temps were a little on the cool side.

It only takes moments for these giant balloons to be inflated, and then - with the exception of random thrusts of flamed air into the balloon, they ascend in silence. The glide right over you without making a sound. It's as impressive as it is beautiful.

And everyone I met was incredibly friendly, which only served to make the day that  more special.

Here's some of the photos I got from the morning....

balloon man

The flames shoot into the balloon, filling it with hot air. It takes just moments, and she's ready to fly.

the field

The color of the balloons seem to explode once the light of the sun hits them. It's a great sight to see in person. If  you've never been - I'd mark the calendar for next year.  You can also check out the HIllsboro and Pittsfield Balloon rallys as well -  they are both worth it.

take off

One by one, they lift off...


The colors are amazing..

dot the sky

And then they dot the sky....


And after leaving The Green, I headed to a hillside to shoot them from there and the view was spectacular! And I caught these two as the aligned on the wind...

colored skies and fields

This is one of those things that, as much as I love the photos, I'm not sure they do the feeling of seeing it justice. It's just so - majestic, in a way. The blue sky filled with the color of the balloons is really a sight to see. If you've never been, make plans to go next year. You won't regret it - 

And thanks to all the folks I met, everybody was very kind - and it was very much appreciated!


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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