Slo-Mo Baseball Kid Should be BENCHED!


"Awwww....look at this CUTE KID running in slo mo to get home after his Coach told him to "run home"!


I say "BULL-SH*T"!!!

I'd BENCH this kid for doing that! 

This is how it starts, you know!  The showboating! The bat flipping! The "hey look at me" attitude that permeates sports today because so many kids watch Sports Center and learn how to grandstand!

If I'm coach - THIS KID SITS. Period. He didn't follow the instructions the coach gave him and he made it ABOUT HIM. Plus- when the coach went to move him along- the kid brushed him off!!!!

Take a seat, Bo Jackson. Grandstanding don't stand on THIS team. 

"AWWW, BUT HE'S SOOOO CUTE!!!"  Maybe, but baseball is a SPORT, not Billy's audition for America's Funniest Home Videos! We're bringing up a generation of kids who's main concern is making some type of video that goes VIRAL, and that attitude starts with parents laughing and cheering at some little kid trying to be cute!

That's what's wrong with kids and sports today - every kid wants to be a superstar - when they should be thinking about being a part of a TEAM. And coaches don't nip that stuff in the bud because whining parents cry that the coach is being mean to their little Billy! 

Next time - do what the coach says- and do it with hustle instead of trying to make Sports Center's Top 10, ok Sammy Sosa Jr?

Now take a seat and ride the pine for a while and see how you like THAT.....


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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