Hockey Players are The Toughest Athletes. Period.

No athletes are tougher than hockey players. PERIOD. I'm not saying those athletes aren't tough- but I AM saying nobody's TOUGHER than hockey players. 

You can argue all you want about football players- whom I have total respect for - but you just can't match hockey when it comes to toughness.

In baseball, if a guy strains a pinky - he's out.  In football, if someone pulls a muscle, he's out.Basketball players get carried off the court when they get a cramp (right Lebron?)! And don't get me started about soccer! Those friggin guys get touched and they act like they got hit with a hatchet!

Hockey players tough it out. It's their blue collar, "the job ain't finished yet" mentality. Tooth knocked out? Pfft. Nothing. Broken nose? Let it bleed! They get hurt, and two minutes later they're begging to be put back in the game! 

CASE IN POINT: Ryan Ellis of the Nashville Predators took a skate blade to the FACE on Saturday. It took over 12 stitches to close it up!

And ten minutes later- he was BACK on the ice. Just another day at the rink.

Hockey players aren't whining babies. It ain't about the fame or the money, it's about the game. 

Playoff hockey, man - there is NOTHING better..



10 minutes later.....


Back on the ice

Ryan Ellis is a hockey player. 

And a  friggin SAVAGE.


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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