Video of Toronto Madman Takedown


It was a terrible day in Toronto  yesterday as some asshole plowed through a crowd and killed 10 people on the street. This is the video taken of the suspect's arrest-  and there's a couple of things I just can't believe after seeing it...

1. Watch the people walking down THE SAME SIDEWALK as the man has a standoff with the police officer! They're walking like nothings happening - DURING AN ARMED CONFRONTATION!!! They never even increased their pace - and the cop had his gun drawn! Just a casual stroll through downtown!!!

2. Watch this guy repeatedly tell the cop "Shoot me in the head" - and repeatedly draw his weapon as if he was going to shoot the police officer! He does it three or four times! In an armed standoff with a crazy guy- would you WAIT to see if he's bluffing? I know I wouldn't. I'd have dropped him as soon as he brought the gun up! Sorry man, but I have no idea what that guy is capable of- especially in light of what he just did with his van! And in that split second of waiting - the good guy gets killed. Sorry man, but  that dude gets dropped 10 times out of 10....


What in holy hell is this world coming to???


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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