131 mph Winds on Mt Washington!

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Check out this short video from last night! We actually filmed this right before we hit 131 mph. During the video, as soon as the phone was exposed to the cold, freezing rain and sleet the battery shut off. Nonetheless, it is a taste of what the summit was bombarded with yesterday! 3.04" of liquid precipitation fell, which was composed of freezing rain and an impressive 6.7" of sleet! #nhwx #mwobs #whitemountains #presidentialrange #freezingrain #sleet

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The wind blew FOUR INCHES OF SNOW thru the crack under the door!!! HOLY CRAP!!!

Props to all the crazy people that stay  up there on the top of Mt Washington!! Beautiful place to visit- but I couldn't stay there during the winter!!


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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