Rene Rancourt's Final Anthem for The Bruins!


Tradition is tradition, and this one just came to an end.

I know in recent years some fans have complained about Rene's anthems because- well, that's what sports fans do: The complain about everything. That's sports radio's gift to America - too many people who complain about every little friggin thing, and demand people in sports get fired just because the complainer doesn't like them.'s exhausting...

And while I'll admit that Rene Rancourt's rendition of the anthem may have sometimes bordered on caricature, NOBODY can ever say the man didn't pour his heart into it every time. And for me, I'll take THAT over the worlds best singer any day of the week. Rene loved doing it, and you could tell. So to all those negative neigh-bobs out there - I for one enjoyed Rene's anthems, and I'll miss him.

New England was built on tradition, and Rene was one. 

Thanks for all the anthems through the years, Rene - 

Six fists pumps to you, bro -


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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