New Photo Tuesday! Shots from the Weekend 2-19-18

This time of year sucks for shooting photos, because if there's not snow on the ground, everything is muddy, and there's no leaves on the trees.

Still, a little snow falls and you can get lucky. Or....something celestial happens in the sky.....

And so - here's a few of my recent photos. If you want to see more - check out !

milky way at nubble

The Early Show. Cape Neddick ME. I got up at 2:30am on Saturday morning, and my buddy Scott and I headed out to Nubble Light to shoot the Milky Way. It's the first time it's been visible over the light this year. It was a bit cold, but tolerable as the Milky Way appeared around 3:40am. It was only visible for about 40 minutes, and it didn't stand out to the naked eye like I've seen it do in the past- but luckily- the camera sees more than the eye does, and I got this image. This - like all of my photos- is a single shot image. I don't overlay, or "stack" photos to create one image. What you see it what I saw. 

south end

The South End. Portsmouth NH. After the recent snowfall, the South End shines, just like it always does.....


Textures and Shadows. New Castle NH. For me, black and white photos tell stories. You can take a photo of the simplest subject, and the black and white format gives it character, and a sense of history. I loved the lines and textures in this photo. Love the pealing paint on the wood - beaten by wind, rain, and the ocean that is literally feet away to the right of the image. The rocks and snow add time and season, and the shadow reaches across the barn. I just just loved the feel of the way it looked...


I danced with this Bald Eagle for a bit last Friday as well. I stood my ground for about an hour- waiting for it to fly, or be joined by it's mate. It flew away from me so I didn't get much of a shot, but still- it's a beautiful thing to watch. This bird is about 2 feet tall. It's a biggun'......

Anyway- hope you like em -  see more at my photo site- if you'd like - 



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Greg Kretschmar

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