Kangaroos: Natures Little Devil Children

Kangaroos ain't cute. They ain't cuddly. They're the animal spawn of the friggin DEVIL.

LOOK AT THIS THING! It doesn't like anything you've seen in a cartoon, bro!


Can you seriously look at these things and think they're NOT some sort of animal spawn of satan? Jeez- I can't believe Roadkill's metal band doesn't use one of these things as a friggin MASCOT!!! 

And now this NEW footage of one almost killing a cyclist down in Austraila! These things are damn MENACES!


Still don't believe? Look at this one try to kill this dudes DOG! And then squares up to go a few rounds with the dude! Good thing the dude POPPED that little bastard right in the face!


I would love to visit Australia, but I'd rather tango naked with a DINGO than mess with one of these savage things...


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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