BUSTED: Roadkill: "A straw? Where's you BALLS?"

Yesterday we got talking about irrational fears. The kind of fears that are ridiculous, and would NEVER happen- but for some reason, they creep into our minds!  Mine? Whenever I drink from a straw (and since I don't drink, and normally order a soda or water when I'm at a bar - they often bring it with a straw in it) - I'm paranoid that I'm going to fall on to it, and the straw is going to go up my nose and into my brain.

Stupid, I know. I admit it. HOWEVER - in talking about it, Roadkill questioned my using a straw, asking if it came "with a set of balls"? He said no man drinks from a straw. EVER. You might as well have a vagina if you drink from a straw, he said.

Well, well, well.....I'd like to thank Brent Gardener for sending this along....


What a friggin hypocrite!

Wonder if that drink came with a set of balls, huh, Short Round?

heh heh heh......I have eyes everywhere... - g

Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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