New Photo Tuesday: Jan 23rd 2018

Here's some recent shots from the past couple of weeks, and one from summer. If you want to see more of my work, feel free to check out my photo site at . Hope you like em - g


The hour before sunrise is the most colorful of the day. Once the sun crests the horizon, the dark colorful hues disappear, and the show is over. I love this light-  Whaleback Light- because it sits by itself, without fanfare, and just does it's job. It's not as photographed as Nubble, or Portland Head, but it's got character all it's own. It owns the horizon.

whaleback 2

25 minutes after the first shot was taken, the sun had risen, and a ship passed behind it. I had just packed up the gear when I noticed, so I grabbed the camera and shot it handlheld (no tripod). I'm glad I saw it because I think it's a pretty cool shot.

snow door

Old houses have stories to tell. And when I see them, they always leave me wondering what they are. It's a kind of "if walls could talk" thing. This house is 268 years old. That's a lot of stories...

mt washington

Mt Washington Hotel, Bretton Woods NH. On a warm August night, I was waiting for an aurora that never came. No matter, though. The show was pretty spectacular without it.

Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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